Not an artist? Doesn’t Matter!

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We all have an inner artist, even if we haven’t picked up a paintbrush since third grade. We all have an eye for beauty and inner light – that’s why we love the Mad River Valley. So, if you’d like to join our creative community, there’s a place for you. We welcome help at our Farmer’s Market booth in the summertime and have plans for some new activities there next year. Exhibits in our Gallery need docents to enrich the experience of those who visit. There are often interesting tidbits that docents learn which make visitors feel they’ve gotten some “inside information”. Our growing calendar of events require willing hands to assure success. And – as social media become more and more the choice of so many, posts about visits to or participation in our events will help spread our message.

Of course, if you’re ready to pick up that paintbrush, there are classes for beginners and advanced artists and one, Sip n’ Paint, is mostly for laughter and socializing.

So, c’mon out – Join Us!

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