The Vermont Festival of the Arts turns 20!

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The Vermont Festival of the Arts turned twenty years old in August 2017. It has earned the coveted Vermont Chamber of Commerce distinction as one of the 10 top Vermont Summer Events for many years running and has now earned the designation of “Time Honored Event”. More than 100 individual events, created and produced by local residents, touching every aspect of creativity – visual, performing, thought-provoking are offered under the umbrella of Valley Arts during the month of August.

A new program guide, with detailed info on all the Festival activities, plus an extended calendar spanning June through December can be found in many places around the valley and at state highway Welcome Centers.

As our past President, Gary Eckhart, said last August “Art is the thread that weaves together our open, friendly Mad River Valley community of farmers, pedal pushers, craftsmen, artists, chefs, professional, families, outdoor enthusiasts, and the wellness providers who keep us moving. We at Valley Arts believe art is more than the making. Art needs a shared experience – an audience – to become Art with a capital ‘A’.”

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